About Me

Hello, Welcome to my web site, and thank you for your interest.

First a bit of history …. SKhs2

My mother was a Homeopathic practitioner and my father was a Baptist minister; from them I inherited my interest in health and matters spiritual. In my early years, when necessary, I was mostly treated with homeopathy and herbal medicines. I started growing herbs when I was 13, and began to study herbal medicine in 1980 at the School of Herbal Medicine in Tunbridge Wells. I completed the course, joined the National Institute of Medical Herbalists (NIMH – the oldest body of herbalists in the western world being formed in 1864), and commenced practise in Suffolk and London in 1985.

By 1988 I was becoming interested in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), especially Chinese herbal medicine; TCM is a theoretical understanding of health and disease which is different to Orthodox Western medicine. The source text of TCM is a book called The Yellow Emperors Canon of Internal Medicine, compiled around about 100 BCE. The way that the theory is practically used is through one or more of the following

  • Acupuncture
  • Herbal medicine
  • Diet therapy
  • Massage
  • Qi gong

I studied for 2 years at the School of Chinese Herbal medicine in London, and then went to the Chinese Medicine University hospital in Guangzhou Peoples Republic of China to gain clinical experience. As I so liked TCM as a system, I realised that learning acupuncture was essential. There are certain things that can be done with acupuncture that cannot be done with herbs (and vice versa).

I thus went back to Guangzhou in 1993 and graduated from the acupuncture course. I returned in 1995 and completed the advanced herbal medicine and acupuncture course.

Having broadened my skill set and knowledge base, as well as continuing with my private practises, I also worked for the NHS in the Gateway clinic in south London where we specialised in treating HIV / AIDS and Hepatitis C with TCM.

From 2000 my London practice has been at The Third Space Medicine in Soho where I was Joint head of medical service. In 2006 I was elected President of the NIMH, a role I enjoyed and learnt a lot from for the designated 2 year term. Due to adjustment at work in London my title changed; I am now Head of Complementary medicine.

I like to exercise physically and run and go to the gym. I also practise Tai ji and Qi gong on an on-going, perseverance level – I play the piano and guitar for expression and relaxation.

I hope you find the information here of use and interest. If any pieces are copied then please credit this site.

Thank you Steve