I was referred to Steve Kippax by my Chiropractor. I had been suffering from severe back pain for a couple of months, to the extent that I had to use a walking stick to get around. I had been to my G.P. first who had prescribed pain killers and an X-Ray, but who could offer little else. I had then seen an Osteopath, where I had experienced some initial relief, but was still left in constant pain. My wife then sent me to The Third Space to see a Chiropractor, who referred me on to Steve.
By this time I was becoming anxious that my back would not respond to any treatment and I was concerned about being able to continue at work. I saw Steve Kippax for six sessions in total; my treatment, after a consultation, included acupuncture which had immediate effect, beginning to relaxing some muscles that had been in spasm since my initial back injury; together with some ground herbs taken as a drink and recommendations on changing my diet. This treatment, in six sessions over a couple of months, allowed me to walk straight again, removed the pain and has enabled me to continue to be pain free and fully mobile since. I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to anyone.

In 1999 I was diagnosed with severe dyskaryosis of the cervix (CIN III – the stage before cancer). Despite my preference for alternative medicine, I was in shock, and swept along on the conventional route, resulting in surgery.
Just over two years later, the condition returned. My test result showed mild dyskaryosis and HPV (the virus known to be a precursor of cervical cancer). I was determined this time to avoid further surgery, so I upped my intake of foods and supplements associated with preventing cancer, despite my gynaecologist telling me that nothing had been shown to help the condition.
However, six months later, my condition had escalated from mild to moderate. I was devastated. I felt that I was being eaten away inside. Fortunately, I had by this time met Steve Kippax, so went to him for treatment. I liked him immediately, and was inspired by his positivity and confidence in my ability to heal myself.
Steve prescribed a combination of herbs for me, along with a herbal douche. Four months later my test result showed a mild abnormality only, and three months after that, in June, I was delighted when my next result came back completely normal – a great birthday present! I was impressed by the effectiveness of the treatment despite the stress I was under. Every smear test I have had since then has come back normal. If I become ill again, Steve will be my first port of call. I would strongly recommend him to any woman in a similar position to me!

In 2004 at age 35 with a history of one early miscarriage and 3 years of trying for a baby I sought treatment for ‘unexplained infertility’ from Steven Kippax. I had for the year prior to seeing Steven, undergone a myriad of tests and procedures privately at a London Hospital. I had a maternal history of an early menopause (aged 38) and was informed that my chances of conceiving naturally were about 4% and that I should not delay fertility treatment. I underwent three rounds of superovulation with IUI and one GIFT procedure which incorporated a laparoscopy without success. I found the treatment and repeated scans stressful. I decided to follow the advice of the consultant and undergo further IUI treatment with superovulation. However, for three months prior to this I had acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine from Steven. He considered that I had a slight hormonal imbalance; that I was not was infertile or just about to undergo the menopause. He was not averse to me using Chinese medicine as an adjunct to conventional medicine which was refreshing and helpful since I had decided to commit to some further treatment. The herbs were taken a few times a day mixed with a little water and acupuncture was every other week. The eggs which I produced this time, after Steven’s treatment were larger (I knew this because of the precise charting on the scans taken for the superovulation treatment). Size of the egg is thought to be an indicator of quality. Further to this the endometrium (lining of the womb) and cervical mucus were all considered by the treating doctors to be in better shape and more favourable for conception. This time I conceived a baby, enjoyed a healthy, easy pregnancy (with Steven’s treatment and support throughout) and gave birth to a beautiful baby daughter, now aged 2 1/2.
In 2006 aged 37, having tried to conceive naturally since our daughter’s birth without success, I sought treatment from Steven again. I had six months of treatment, however, we did not manage to conceive. With Steven’s support, I continued the Chinese treatment and returned to the hospital for further treatment by way of superovulation with IUI. From the first scan the results were very favourable, the few eggs I produced were of good quality and all else looked favourable. I became pregnant and discovered at my six week scan that I had twins! Steven’s treatment continued through the pregnancy and helped with morning sickness, nausea and back pain caused by the twin pregnancy. We were blessed with two gorgeous healthy boys in May 2007.
I have no doubt that Steven’s treatment, tipped the balance and made that material difference to us conceiving or not in both circumstances. He is utterly professional, approachable and tolerant of sceptics (as I was). I have no real idea how his Chinese medicine works, but work it does. I have three healthy children as living proof.

Having suffered from several miscarriages I approached Steve following recommendations from a friend. He has been extremely supportive during my quest to become pregnant and hold onto it and after eight miscarriages I now have a second beautiful, healthy baby girl.
Whilst I could not sure if treatment specifically solved the miscarriage problem there is absolutely no doubt that at the grand age of 44 years Steve kept my fertility at it¹s peak (just getting pregnant 8 times in three years is a pretty major achievement!). He supported me through a few disappointments and the treatment gave me a general feeling of well being and the belief we would eventually get there. Secondary benefits were the disappearance of the arthritic pains I¹d been getting and an overall feeling of energy and healthiness. I cannot thank him enough for all his support to us.

After returning from holiday in January I caught a viral throat infection which lasted several weeks. Often I would cough throughout the night leaving me weak and tired. One morning I collapsed and was unable to walk more than a few steps when I recovered. I felt totally exhausted and in spite of resting did not improve.
I had several blood tests at the hospital which all proved negative. In the end the consultant diagnosed Post Viral Fatigue. I was devastated when he said there was no treatment and I might never get rid of it.
Until now I had led a very active life, playing a lot of competitive tennis, managing a large garden and working from home. All this ended very suddenly.
In June I went to Steve Kippax. He put me on a diet, gave me acupuncture and some herbal medicine. I saw him weekly. As time passed my energy levels gradually returned and I became more optimistic about the future.
It is now November and I am able to enjoy a good standard of tennis once more and do the less strenuous garden jobs. My life is back again. I still have to pace myself and rest but since I am 67 years old I suppose that would happen anyway. I feel so fortunate that, quite by chance, a friend suggested I visited Steve. I have the utmost confidence in his treatment.

Thank you so much for all your help in the months preceding and after the conception of Hector. I came to you with a very irregular cycle and at aged 42 was not sure if it was ever going to be possible. Your amazing treatments and unwavering conviction was so supportive. He’s a beautiful and we are so happy. :))

Thanks again for the treatment which we completed yesterday. I have written the following which you are welcome to use as a testimonial in its complete or edited form.

I visited my GP at Christmas having pulled the tendons in my shoulder. I was told that a fit young athlete would take 6 weeks to heal and as I was neither fit nor young I could expect a healing time of at least 6 months.In the next two weeks the pain increased and the mobility reduced so that I rang Steve to see if acupuncture might help.

He saw me straightaway and took a detailed account of my health including my emphysema,catarrhal problems and history of depression. After the first session of acupuncture I rose from the table feeling internally lighter. He prescribed some herbal medicine and gave me an eating plan that was easy to understand and comfortable to live with.After a short course of treatment I was able to report no pain from the shoulder, a much improved breathing pattern which my inhalers had failed to give me over 4 years usage and to my great surprise a 7 lb weight loss.

I am now at the end of the course and feel so much better in so many ways than when I entered Steve’s consultation rooms.

When I first saw Stephen Kippax it had already been confirmed by the consultant at Addenbrooks that I wasn’t coeliac but had a bad reaction to wheat, rye, barley, oats, maize and soya.

Apart from avoiding these things, they didn’t know how else to help or advise me.

By this time, my digestive system was in such a bad state, I spent more time on the toilet than living a normal life.

Stephen really was my last resort. He was honest, and said as I had been ill all my life it would take about 5 years to really heal me, and he was right. After about four months I could eat eggs, then potatoes etc working up over the weeks to roast dinners minus the Yorkshire puds. I now have a very good and enjoyable diet, and I found Stephen very supportive.

Aged 62 I was even able to re-take up my favourite hobby of ballet dancing and now my energy levels are so high I am about to start helping in a childrens ballet class as well.
Stephen has given me my life back, I would, and have, recommended him to anyone.

When I moved to London in early 2013, I immediately started suffering from Ulcerative Colitis.  I didn’t know much about the disease at the time, but over the course of 18 months I worsened and I had seen several doctors and specialists to overcome the issue.  Unfortunately, even though I had gone through several studies (sigmoidoscopy, colonoscopy) and treatments (asacol, steroid round, mesavancol etc…) and tried to change my diet to identify whatever had triggered the issue (gluten free, dairy free, etc…), nothing worked.  Eventually my wife came across Steve’s website and testimonial page and noted that he had helped with intestinal issues before.  As my gastroenterologist said the next step was a medication plan for the rest of my lift that may have personality altering side effects (which I wasn’t happy to proceed with), I really had nothing to lose.  By the time of my first appointment with Steve I wasn’t really free to spend much time outside my home or office, I carried spare underwear with me whenever I travelled out and was visiting the toilet close to ten times a day.

 From the outset Steve provided dietary guidance, acupuncture, Chinese herbs (which he tweaked on a regular basis) and an abundance of positive support.  He also told me that it would take close to a couple of months (visiting once a week) to overcome.  It took slightly a bit longer than a couple of months, but the holiday season did get in the way and I did take a break from treatment while suffering from the ‘flu.  Now, about 3 months later, I feel like my old self again.   My diet is back to what it was before coming to London.  I am back on dairy, gluten and other foods I love (in moderation) without any effects at all.  Whilst I would have been happy with a general improvement in my condition, Steve did better than that.  I am not on any medications and for all intents and purposes feel like I have been ‘cured’.  I am happy to provide a recommendation for others in a similar position to try Steve as he was the last throw of the dice for me cleared me up 100%.

I went to see Steve because I was exhausted and was struggling on every level. I had been through several years of high stress previously which I believe had affected my adrenal glands. I was unable to sleep deeply due to constantly being woken up by numbness in my hands and arms and having to change position regularly. I struggled to get to sleep every night because of restless leg and a constant burning, spiky sensation in the nerve endings in all my limbs and parts of my back. My lower back was permanently stiff, wonky and painful and the imbalance in it had travelled up my spine to my neck. I had cramps in both feet most nights which were extremely painful. I took paracetamol every night and often during the day to try and relax my body and believe I was addicted to them because I also had regular headaches when I tried to be strong and not take them. My emotions were very unstable and I couldn’t remember what it was like to feel happiness or any sense of ease. I was miserable and felt that my brain was giving up as I was beginning to have sensations of greying out.
At my first appointment with Steve, I found it very difficult to explain my symptoms because I couldn’t really remember them all. However, he asked lots of questions, checked my pulse and my tongue and gave me acupuncture. It was whilst driving home that I became aware of actually feeling normal. I had the radio on and was singing along to a song and feeling good deep in my belly. I found this extraordinary as it had been many years since I had had that sensation. This feeling only lasted a couple of days at first but was reinforced after every session with Steve and was becoming more established. Steve had also given me a herbal concoction to take several times daily in between sessions with him. My healing had begun and I improved at a significant rate, with regular acupuncture and herbal remedies prescribed according to my changing needs. One of the most significant changes was the day I realised I had a short-term memory again. My nerves and restless leg calmed and I stopped taking paracetamol. All of my symptoms lessened in severity and many disappeared quickly and completely. My energy levels radically increased and this all happened in the space of 5 months. Considering that I had been suffering various ailments for nearly 10 years I find this remarkable.
Steve was always incredibly kind and supportive and allowed me to heal at my own rate. He made suggestions as to lifestyle changes but I found it very difficult to follow many of these at first. He never made me feel bad or stupid about this; he believed I could heal and his attitude gave me confidence. I moved away before I had completed my treatment but Steve gave me a big bottle of herbs to tide me over the next couple of months. I have remained as well as when I last saw him and can now function like a normal person.
I think he’s brilliant and would highly recommend him to anyone, no matter what their condition.


Just thought as I’ve had 6 months of treatment I’d drop an email.  I always have difficulty remembering stuff when I actually meet you, although I will have spent ages thinking about it.
Anyhow, I’m really pleased with how well my health has progressed.  Frankly back in December I was getting pretty desperate.  My health seems to have improved by steady increments and certainly my anxiety levels have got much better over the course of treatment.  I’ve even stopped biting my nails and not used wine to wind down.  If wine was actually doing that for me!
Also thanks for helping me deal with the death of my dad, I’m pretty certain without treatment it would have been messy, particularly as we had had such a difficult relationship.  I wonder if that will flare up into something bad in the future but so far so good.
Part of me thinks I’m being self indulgent to continue but having experienced years of quite frankly churned up feelings and constant worry I’m actually beginning to feel more relaxed and chilled.
My enthusiasm for running, cycling and swimming has returned which I’m particularly grateful about.  Life was pretty bland without them.
I can’t quite eradicate my underlying pessimism, I wonder if it will last but while it does I’m loving it and I know it has made a difference.

Thanks for your continued support and look forward to seeing you soon.Sarah.

This is a testimonial designed to get the main concerns people might have about Chinese medicine out the way: smelly herbs, hurts etc. It’s a “meet people at the level of the culture” testimonial if that makes sense. It’s colloquial and also true.

 “I was recommended to Steve by a good friend of mine for some crazy night sweats I was suffering from. Literally sweating through all my clothes 6 times a night for over 2 weeks! Not pleasant — and it was driving me nuts! On top of that I had flu symptoms: feeling achy, heavy and stiff but with no sneezing or headache. Most odd. Anyhow, Steve diagnosed me in 30 mins, saying I had “low yin”. He gave me a calming Acupuncture session (didn’t hurt) and some ground Chinese herbs in a box to make tea with 4 times a day (tasted pretty decent). Nothing really happened for a few days and then literally overnight, my body suddenly adjusted and I was ok again. Just like that. I still can’t quite believe it. The thing I’m most happy with? Chinese medicine, with no smelly herbs that stink the flat out. Will definitely go back to Steve if anything happens again.”  – Mike M.

“I woke up one morning a couple of years ago and suddenly found myself unable to apply any pressure to my right wrist.  I was quite an active gym goer at the time, weight lifting and indoor rowing, but soon was forced to give up all gym activity. Imaging was inconclusive and a cortisone injection provided some short term relief before all symptoms returned.  Over a 21 month period I visited many health care professionals including wrist surgeons, physiotherapists, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists and practitioners of traditional Chinese medicine, all without, or at best limited, success before being recommended to Steve by a friend.

Steve’s approach was one of logic and calm.   He set about putting my body in its best environment for repair by fine tuning my diet and breathing, and monitored my stress levels and sleep.  He prescribed me various herbs and focused his efforts on a course of acupuncture.I felt some minor relief after three sessions, and then suddenly shortly after my seventh session, a total recovery.  I still can’t believe it.  I am now, 3 months on from when I first saw Steve and 24 months on from the original injury, pain free and totally cured.Steve is a really good, down to earth bloke who also happens to be a very skilled healer!  He was genuinely interested in my case and gave me all the time in the world (his sessions never feel rushed).  I can’t recommend him highly enough.” – GM

“When I moved from the suburbs of London to a market town in Suffolk my hayfever, which I hadn’t experienced for many years, returned with a vengeance.  I contacted Steve Kippax and booked an appointment to discuss treatment options.  I had six acupuncture treatments as well as herbal remedies; what I wasn’t expecting was a diet sheet!  I confess that having studied it at home, I really didn’t think I would be able to sustain it, but in discussing with Steve, he said if I could do 80% of it, that would be great; so I tried it.  I had faith that the hay fever would be cured, which it was, what I wasn’t t expecting was for my energy levels to soar and consequently I enjoy a better sense of well-being.  I also bought Steve’s book “Health in Theory and Practice”, this is not a one off read- I know that I will be dipping in and out of it whenever I want to check on herbal remedies and ways of maintaining positive thinking.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Steve to anyone.”     Pat

“Steve first treated me nearly twenty years ago, for a serious condition that I have happily been free of ever since.

With time, come new and different challenges, and in December 2019 I experienced excruciating, intermittent pain in my right foot, which was diagnosed as Morton’s neuroma: a swelling on the nerve. In the first instance I was offered only one choice: a steroid injection. I was told that this would be the best thing. The outlook for this condition is quite gloomy. Conventional advice is that it will, if untreated, get worse, and can result in excision of the nerve.

My pain was so intense and erratic that I considered following up on the doctor’s advice, but my instincts said otherwise. In January I began acupuncture and a course of herbal medicine with Steve. I experienced a fast and significant improvement. The pain became much less intense and more infrequent, with only a few twinges. I was able to exercise normally at the gym throughout this time. By early March, I was completely pain free.

Alongside my treatment with Steve I saw a podiatric surgeon to better understand my condition. I chose to have gait analysis, and purchased orthotic insoles designed for my foot shape. However, wearing the orthotics brought back twinges of pain, so I returned them for modification.

Six months have passed since I started the treatment with Steve. Without use of the orthotics, physio, or any other form of medicine, I have been exercising daily, including running two and a half miles, and am still completely pain free. This is a fantastic result gained from TCM, which I hope will inspire anyone faced with this debilitating foot condition.”


After feeling very low and suffering from bouts of anxiety for some time my sister recommended Steve as someone who may be able to help. I was at the point where I felt I needed to seek professional help as the feelings that would once come and go were remaining for longer than I felt comfortable with and starting to impact on my daily life and my ability to function, as I wanted to. Whilst I am not adverse to traditional prescription medication, I do tend to prefer exhausting every other possible option before I take that route for myself. I started seeing Steve towards the end of October 2020 weekly to begin with, then fortnightly and so forth and in unison with the acupuncture I also began a course of herbal tablets to help with my low mood and a tincture to help with the anxiety. I felt at ease with Steve from my very first session and something definitely shifted in me that first week and it only got better from there. My whole mood lifted and I immediately felt lighter and happier than I had in a very long time. I had gone from waking up feeling numb and dreading the day ahead with very little motivation or enthusiasm for anything to looking forward and to having excitement again. My husband and children have certainly noticed a difference in me. The feelings of anxiety, which once controlled me, had faded to almost nothing by the time we reached the end of the year (I had only been seeing Steve for 2 months by this point). I will continue to see Steve as and when I need to and whilst I’m sure I will still have my down days I am a million miles from where I was back in October and I cannot thank him enough for helping me get here. I would highly recommend him to anyone he is brilliant!