Clinic Information

Clinic Information

All appointments are approximately 1 hour for the first visit and then 30 – 45 minutes for subsequent visits. Acupuncture is offered as part of these appointments.
In London my fees are £100 for the first appointment and then £90 for subsequent.In Suffolk it is £70 for the initial consultation and then £60 for subsequent. After the initial consultation I offer “6 for 5 ” courses of treatment – payment is taken up front for 5 sessions and you get 6.

Medicines are in addition – Tinctures are priced at £12 for 100 ml usually being a weeks’ supply. Concentrated herbal powder medicine is £35 for 100 grams and will usually last 1-2 weeks. Pills are £14 per pot, and dried herbs are 9p per gram. Supplements – red rice yeast, coriolus and cordyceps are £20 per pot.  If medicines are posted then there is a £5 p and p fee. Cash, card and cheque payments are accepted.

All prices are ex VAT

Monday and Thursday
The Natural Healing Centre
24a The Thoroughfare
Woodbridge, Suffolk
1P12 1AQ
01394 380580

Tuesday and Wednesday
The London Natural Health Centre

46 Theobalds Road

Ipswich Chiropractic Clinic,
338 Norwich Road,
Ipswich. Suffolk
01473 463344